Tech Planning Process - Continuing...

Here is what went out Friday as the next step in the tech planning process. I have linked to the planning graphic organizer. I am not releasing the actual requests to the public though. The process is starting to gather some steam...

Suggestions or ideas are always welcome!

We are reaching the cut-off point for all of the tech requests. I wanted to describe what will happen during the next step and outline the schedule from here.
After the window for tech requests closes department chairs have a couple of weeks to review and revise submissions. I will then organize and group the items while adding some supplemental information. I will use all of that information to create a technology "wishbook" that will have all of the requests in it. That book will be circulated to all of the technology planning committee members and the department chairs. I am attaching a pdf of the requests that have come in to this point and excel spreadsheet that summarizes that same information.
On January 29th Maine South will meet to prioritize the requests in the "wishbook". Maine West meets on January 30th (after collaboration) and Maine East meets on January 31st. I will be sending an agenda for this meeting after break.
If you need sub coverage for the day your school is meeting you must request it by December 21st.
When we meet to prioritize we are not giving each proposed resource a numerical rank. We are placing it on a map that visually represents how each building feels how important each need is and when in the 3 year time frame it should fall. I have attached a pdf of the graphic organizer we will be using for this. When you open the pdf you will see how it will work for prioritizing the resources. Each building's recommendations will be brought to the district planning committee.
Thanks for all that you have done so far. We are getting close to seeing this process through. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Here is the Time line:
December 21st - Tech Request Window Closes
December 22nd-January 11th - Department Chairs review/revise submissions
January 16th - "Wish Books" are forwarded to all technology planning committee members and department chairs. (Wish books are a collection of all of the requests with ancillary information)
January 29th - Maine South Planning Committee and department chairs meet for prioritization meeting
January 30th-Maine West Planning Committee and department chairs meet for prioritization meeting (after collaboration)
January 31st-Maine East Planning Committee and department chairs meet for prioritization meeting


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