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  • Google Docs Does Not Violate CIPA (or COPPA*)
    The following is an email I’ve found myself writing more and more often. This is the longest version (and the latest one I’ve sent off). I’ve decided to share my take on the situation here on this blog for three reasons. First, I hope I can point people here instead of writing more emails. Second, I hope this might benefit people who might never email me (such as people searching the web for this topic). And third, I hope those of you familiar with such things (either legal experts or educators who are fighting this fight – on either side) will provide feedback in the comments.

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  • As Google Voice gains more and more steam, here are a few tips and tricks you may find useful (if you are one of the people who have had your invite accepted):

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  • Migratr is a desktop application which moves photos between popular photo sharing services. Migratr will also migrate your metadata, including the titles, tags, descriptions and album organization.  Whether you want to copy your photos from Flickr to Faces, Picasa to Phanfare, or Zenfolio to Zooomr, Migratr is the app for you.  Migratr will copy your photos FROM any supported photo service, TO any supported photo service.
    Currently, Migratr supports the following services:
    Aol Pictures (Import Only) (CLOSING)
    Menalto Gallery (Self-Hosted)
    Picasa Web

    tags: flickr, software, migration, photos, picasa, migratr, tools

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