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Google Certified Apps Trainer Preparation Program

School District 207 in Park Ridge, Illinois is offering a 1 week intensive program, August 1-5, to prepare individuals to apply to become Google Certified K-12 Apps Trainers. During the course of the week we will dive into each of Google Applications in the K-12 education suite, prepare you for the exams, provide tips on leading staff development around Google Apps, and provide opportunities for you to practice working with teachers that are learning to use the tools.

This course will be led by Google Certified Trainer Aida Awad, Science Department Chair at Maine East High School, and will be assisted by Hank Thiele who is a Google Certified Teacher, Administrator, Trainer and is one of the founders and leaders of the Illinois K-12 Google Apps User Group.

Over the course of the week we will be virtually joined by several volunteer guest speakers including:
Rachel Wente-Chaney: Chief Information Officer High Desert Education Service District Oregon and a Google Certified Trainer.Ronald …

Interesting Finds This Week (weekly)

Image These numbers will change over the next month Legal Guide for Bloggers | Electronic Frontier Foundationtags:blogcredentialspressdon't get caught: credentialling bloggers: 13 examplesThe White House credentials bloggers for formal news conferences.The Supreme Court sometimes credentials bloggers--on a case-by-case basis, and with specific requirements for having covered earlier progressions in a case currently before the Court.Target, on the other hand, "does not participate with non-traditional media outlets."  No matter what you say.Political campaigns have reshaped their policies to treat bloggers as press.In this roundup, see 8 cases where the United Nations, the federal court in Washington, PBS, the California legislature (but not the U.S. Congress's press galleries), sports teams, the National Press Club, and Chrysler have made policy on admitting bloggers as press, most favorable. The Press Club mem…

Interesting Finds This Week (weekly)

Contact Us - Google Apps Helptags:googlegoogle appsformupgradenonprofitYouTube - CIC 2011 - Learning Games Interview w Henry JenkinsScott Traylor of 360KID interviews media theorist and educator Henry Jenkins tags:youtubelearninggamesPosted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.