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Live Blog AZTEA keynote Tim Tyson

Live Blogged-please forgive mistakes or typos

Making our way through dignitaries.

Arizona Superintendent of Schools sees laptops in the hands of every kid in the coming years. However, he says that he never sees paper books going away.

Tim Tyson - former principal of Mabry Middle School

He is using Screenflow for Mac to record the presentation (Camtasia for Macs)

Discussing his new presentation style based on web 2.0 tools. Starting with a demo of Poll Everywhere which allows you poll the audience via text. It gives real time reporting of answers. Audience pretty impressed by the technology.

Reviewing history of changing education printing press, telegraph, audio recording, video recording, broadcasting. we are now going through a new shift thanks to the internet. we have instant global engagement. Media used to be controlled. Controlled for content, quality, and financial gain. Down smart mobs benefit from the knowledge of the whole.

mentions this post

The internet is like a middle School student - it is in its adolescence, Coming next is collective action. Wikipedia for example. References and mentions net neutrality.

Individual people Can attract others to collective action. Which than impacts media. this changes distribution models. Communication no longer limited by geography.

Problem is that students have no technical role models. Therefore they are creating inferior products. We need to teach them.

Multitasking VS. Continuous partial attention. Multitasking-equal attention to each thing going on VS. favoring tasks that pop up. we are cramming 30 hrs into a 24 hour day.

what students are doing now online is not improving their skills and it is not meaningful. They are not making contributions to knowledge. we need to understand by design. Education isn't about Content and grades.

To prepare students for tomorrow we need to create a positive connection to learning. We have beaten the fun out of learning.

When we talk about technology we focus too much on economic Sustainability. we need to Use technology to charge flee way we teach students to contribute. kids love technology because it connects them to their friends.

Wikipedia One hundred million hours of human thought and contribution. In the last fifty years we have watched two hundred billion hours of tv. This is wasted time-no cognitive investment. If we used commercial time during to watching we gain back cognitive surplus equal to the wikipedia project.

We need to design instruction to take advantage of the cognitive surplus. Are we going to ban the tools, such as cellphones, that will help this charge or ban them?

Broadcast is dead. Online media distribution is the future. Completely interactive online media content is coming. We need to actively engage our students. Are you giving your best to your students? Don't Say you don't have time to get it done. Donate your cognitive surplus to learning and making a difference.

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