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Google Moderator Helptags: google, moderator, googleapps
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Google Webinar - Maine 207 Lessons that Integrate Google Apps

Here are the resources from the webinar:
Recorded video
Published slide presentation
Q&A Transcript
Maine Township case study

If you would like more information about Google Apps Education Edition, please visit the website at You can also access and review previous webinars (including Maine 207's webinar on deploying Google Apps) in the Google Apps Education Resource center

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Education Week: Final Rules Unveiled for 'i3' Innovation FundThe U.S. Department of Education stuck to its guns in releasing final rules for the $650 million Investing in Innovation, or i3, grant program, standing firm in the face of criticism that its proposed guidelines demanded too much from applicants in the way of private-sector match and evidence to back up their proposals.
In the final rules and application for the program, released March 8, department officials left intact a demand that applicants secure 20 percent in matching funds from the private sector.
But in a nod to concerns that such a requirement could be burdensome, particularly to smaller districts and in a difficult economy, the department relaxed the timing so that prospective grant recipients don’t need to secure the private funding until they’ve been notified that they are in line to win.
In essence, a foundation or other organization will know that its matching donation is a sure-fire bet.tags: i3Our Socia…

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Postini Content ManagerHow to update Postini Content manager.tags: Postini, googleapps
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ALEKS -- Assessment and Learning, K-12, Higher Education, Automated Tutor, Mathtags: eLearning, assessment, aleks, Mathematics, educationAdd shared items of Google reader to web clip in GmailWeb clips in gmail allows you to add a valid feed by searching.Its mostly used to read headlines.Since it does not support to add any OMPL file, its one of the most unwanted features in gmail. However there is one way you can utilize it.

Google Reader allows you to share feed items I.e posts which can be accessed through your public profile, which can be added to web clips, which act as a notification.The only and most important advantage I see here is if any body shares a good news, it will be available in your Web clips.tags: shared, google, gmail, reader, webclipsThe Tempered Radical: What Id Buy Instead of an Interactive Whiteboard"What I’d Buy Instead of an Interactive Whiteboard

This week was a real humdinger for me.  I spent the better part of it buried under hateful emails from a distri…

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How to Turn your Nexus One into a WiFi Hotspot/WiFi Tether!(Also Bluetooth Tether) | Nexus One Hacks Blogtags: nexusoneGoogle Apps Topic Review - Improving the writing process with Google Docs.pdf - Google DocsGoogle Apps Topic Review - Improving the writing process with Google Doctags: Google Docs, googleapps, topic, googledocs, google, writingPivot Table Tutorial - For Google SpreadsheetsStep by Step - Getting Started Guide
Step 1 - Getting Ready for Pivoting

Step 2 - Inserting the Pivot Table

Step 3 - Learning the Pivot Table User Interface

Step 4 - Using the Pivot Table

How to Filter by a Field
How to Modify the Pivot Table Structure and Layout
How to Drill Up or Down
How to Sort and Unsort Data
How to Rank and Unrank Data
How to Chart Data
Step 5 - Embedding Analytics on Your Websitetags: tutorial, table, pivot, Extension
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How to Embed a Web Page on Another Site? | techxplore.netyour browser does not support IFRAMEstags: embed, iframe, code, to, how
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CI @ MSU ProgramsCI-MSU will provide podcasts of a series of video- and audio-based Chinese learning materials of both beginning-level and intermediate-level. All the materials are organized in coherent stories with language and culture explanations and are suitable to long-term systematic learning of Chinese. There will also be a series that focuses on the issues relevant to living, working and visiting China. This series can serve as a nice introduction of Chinese language and culture for those who want to prepare for their visit to China. Moreover, there will also be a series that is developed specifically for preschoolers and children. In addition to those existent materials, podcasts of adapted daily broadcasts from TV and radio stations will also be provided. Those podcast materials will be available in the coming month.tags: msu, programs, language, Your Child's Strengths: Discover Them, Develop Them, Use Them: Jenifer Fox M.Ed.: BooksFrom Publishe…

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principals - legalCIPA, COPPA, and FERPA

Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)
tags: coppa, cipa, ferpa, principals, legal
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Collaborative Learning Via Email Discussion: Strategies for ESL Writing Classroom (I-TESL-J)This paper explores the strategies of implementing email in ESL writing classroom. It focuses on how email can be implemented in a collaborative learning ambience incorporating the stages of writing process approach and pair work activity. Both teachers and learners hold crucial responsibilities to ensure success of the approach employed. Additionally, the learning ambience, task structure and task content contribute to the positive implication of the learning approach. It is hoped that the strategies will offer insights for further action to be explored to attain a better understanding of how learners interact in a collaborative learning environment via email discussions and the impact on their writing performance particularly in ESL writing classrooms.tags: gmail, learning, collaborativeCollaboration: Ask-An-ExpertStudents find writing projects much more meaningful when they have an audience …

Keeping up with Your School Via RSS

You may have heard that Maine 207 (my district) has been in the throws of financial problems - I mean - challenges this year. This has caused a great deal more media coverage of our schools this year. Keeping up with what is reported on us in the news is important. Watching for correctable information is essential.

This year I have really been using my RSS aggregator (mine is Google Reader, but there are several others out there) to keep up with the news in local newspapers, blogs, and to monitor information on Wikipedia.
For local newspapers I have set up a search query in Google News. Our school district is Maine 207 and has 3 schools Maine East, South, and West. Separating our news from stuff in the state of Maine is somewhat difficult. So I went into Google News and set up this advanced news search: "Maine South" OR "Maine East" OR "Maine West" OR "Maine Township"Then I limit the location to Illinois This allows me to usually only get stories …

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ICTS Superintendent Study GuideICTS Superintendent Study Guidetags: no_tagMigrating data away from Google Apps - Google Apps HelpMigrating data away from Google Apps
If you've decided to use another solution for your organization's email, calendars, documents, and sites, don't forget to migrate your data to your new solution before deleting your Google Apps account.
Here's a list a data transfer options available for Google Apps:tags: googleapps, exitFERPA for StudentsFERPA is a Federal law that applies to educational agencies and institutions that receive funding under a program administered by the U. S. Department of Education. The statute is found at 20 U.S.C. § 1232g and the Department's regulations are found at 34 CFR Part 99.

Under FERPA, schools must generally afford students who are 18 years or over, or attending a postsecondary institution:

access to their education records
an opportunity to seek to have the records amended
some control over the disclosure of in…