Tech Tip 10/11 - Google Maps Street View

Today's tech tip is just something fun and geeky. Check out Google Maps Street View.
There are 15 cities in the US that are now offering street view.
What is it? Why must you have it?
Well, its cool. You virtually drive down the street and see around you. You can twist your head and look around 360 degrees as well. I just took a virtual trip down Michigan Avenue.
How can it help your kids? Here is the really cool part. Google Street View is in 15 cities. Use it to drive by Ground Zero, or follow Holden Caulfield through the streets of New York in a modern Catcher in the Rye, compare architecture in different cities, or use proportional triangles to determine the height of a building...there is a lot of potential there.
I don't know if you have used other features of Google maps yet in your classroom, but I will be showing you how over the next few weeks as we embark on another thread of tech tips.


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