Back to School - AUP Review

Each year when staff return to school I send out a review (through email) and sign-off form (using Google forms) related to our district acceptable use policy (AUP). This is something I do to help my staff clearly understand what responsible use of technology is, and it helps protect the district when someone acts inappropriately. Just in case you are doing something similar, follow this link to read the email and gain access to our FAQ's regarding our AUP. 
After I sent this out last week, no more than five people followed up with questions. Most of them had to do with copyright and accessing personal email. In the past week two-thirds of the staff have followed up and have signed off on the agreement. I will continue to follow up with every last staff member until their questions are answered and everyone is comfortable signing off on the form. Having an AUP only protects the organization if people understand how to follow it.

Image Credit: "Back to SchoolBy Avolore


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