Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What We Know to be True About Best Instructional Practices

A group of us have been reading up on best practices in instruction based on research and have been looking for common themes and/or terminology. At the same time we have been investigating how those fit into the Danielson framework. Based on that research I have been trying to cross reference all of it to come up with a common statement that describes the best practices and philosophies that will help to lay groundwork for each domain.

Here is what I have so far:


Planning and Preparation

Developing clear intentional goals that are designed through understanding data that leads to action

Classroom Environment

A cooperative and collaborative learning community that is focused on objectives, feedback, and effort.

Professional Responsibilities

Shared leadership that uses care, reflection, and best practices to advance each member of the learning community.


Challenging, engaging, and personalized instruction that develops understanding to extend and apply knowledge.


What are your thoughts? 
Did I overlook anything? 
How would you make it better?