Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Asus Eee Series Pc

I responded yesterday to Jeff Utecht's post on R&D in education - by coincidence our R&D Asus Eee Series Pc arrived on the same day (yeah that is the one - right there next to my business card - so you can get an idea of size). I have already lined up some students that are going to each carry it around for a few days and use it in their classes and at home - with the agreement that they will meet with me afterwards to give me feedback.

Here is the question for you - what should I ask them? What do you want to know about the student experience with this type of device?

We have also ordered an XO to do the same thing with. I will use the same students. So please consider that when submitting your suggested questions.


Dennis Richards said...

How did you use it to in class?
How did you use it at home?
How did you use it online?
When compared to your current computer, what are its advantages and limitations?
What surprised you?
What disappointed you?
How did you find the keyboard, mouse, screen, battery life?
If you showed it to someone, what did they like or dislike about the computer?
Did you run into any errors messages?
How fast did it link to the web?