Saturday, April 26, 2008

Trip My Presentation

I was trying something new with VoiceThread (well new to me anyway).

I tried to uploaded my presentation on increasing student achievement through online communication. I was hoping my PLN might be interesting in viewing it and providing some feedback. For some reason I can't get this presentation to work on VT. I have the piece of it up that discusses student journaling.

So instead, embedded here is my presentation with my voice comments over the top. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. A pdf of the presentation is posted as well.


david said...

the student journaling link is funky

Peggy said...

Hi David,
Discovered the problem with the URL for student journaling--it had two "http" in it. Try this.

I'm sure Hank will fix it when he returns from AZ. :-) I had the privilege of hearing Hank's presentation at AzTEA today and it was excellent! It was exciting to hear about the new tools and communication procedures he is developing for his school. He tried to stream his presentation but sadly, was blocked by the university. :-( Wish you could have been there to hear it, but at least Hank shared it online here for all of us. Kudos to Hank!