Monday, November 03, 2008

So What Happened Last Week?

Question - Ok Hank - You had these grand plans about posting during sessions at T+L - What happened?

Answer - No reliable WiFi access!

Question - What about at night at the hotel?

Answer - I actually work while at these things! Between meeting with staff (we had 19 people out there in Seattle), taking care of work related issues back home, and trying to let my wife and kids know that I was still alive I chose not to make time for blogging.

Here is the deal...

The T+L conference organizers asked in advance if people would blog for them. I volunteered. Problem is, there was no WiFi in any of the presentation rooms and it was really weak in the large meeting rooms.

If you want me to blog I need my tools. When I blog I cross reference what presenters are saying, link to interesting outside sources, and write directly online.

None of this is possible without the Internet.

I plead to you technology conference organizers everywhere - please prepare for and offer adequate WiFi so the world can participate in our event!