Friday, May 29, 2009

So What I Did - May 28, 2009

A lot of conversation today about 1:1 student laptops. We are trying to determine the procedures and details for a 1:1 student pilot. We think we have a couple of curricular areas that match up to try this out. We are going to use netbooks for the pilot - which ones and exactly how are TBD.

I will post details on this topic when more is solidified.

We are also finishing up deciding winners for our first request for quote (RFQ). More details to come on this tomorrow when the winners are announced. Kyle has been kicking butt on this and we are seeing some great pricing.

Other than that Mark and I spent the day trying to pull data out of Eduphoria to determine who has not yet submitted an electronic form. I think we both learned a lot about the database and how we can leverage it for data in the future.

I talked with Google today. They want to use Maine 207 in a case study for how we use Google Documents/Google Apps for Education. That should be a fun project.

I finished the day off by writing my May article for SETConnections.