SWID June 9-16, 2009

The last week has really been filled with 3 major tasks.

1. Purchases/Changes for next year - which included
  • Fielding calls about awards for the last RFQ and questions about the current RFQ
  • Settling various contracts including our new data warehouse (TetraData), consulting for automating Google account creation (SADA Systems) , and stuff related to the RFQ's. I never realized how many contracts you would have to read as a tech director.
  • Working out the details of a SmartMusic pilot in a couple of our Band and Orchestra programs. (Exciting to pretend to be back in the music classroom again!)
2. Continuing the laptop pilot conversation (this will be its ow post soon)

3. Filling out year end evaluations for my staff.

The next 5 days are pretty jammed up. Heck, the next month is packed:

6/17 - Teach all day class on Web 2.0 tools for teachers
6/18 - Teach all day class on Web 2.0 tools for administrators
6/19 - Vacation Day :)
6/22 - Meeting (instructional team w/ the new boss) and 1-1 laptop meeting with other area high school tech folks
6/23 - Teach all day class on "Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works"
6/24-6/25 Try to get some work done
6/26-7/3 NECC

Then I am back for a week. Then I am taking a week's vacation. Then the end of the summer crunch starts at the end of July. Summer started Monday and it is almost over :)


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