SWID June 3-9, 2009

It has been a busy week with school coming to a close. Here is where I have spent most of my time over the past week:

  • 1-1 Laptop pilot discussions
  • RFQ 2009-2
  • Sending out end of the year reminders
  • Helping teachers fix problems in their gradebooks
  • Dealing with some issues around students posting inappropriate material on the web
  • Discussing future tech planning for next year
  • Meetings with our Web Programmers (AmericanEagle.com) regarding current and summer upgrades
  • Discussing RFQ 2009-1 winners with vendors
Lessons learned from this week:
  • Deciphering confusion in a teacher's gradebook is a 30-60 minute process. Problems are usually centered around teachers not fully understanding the math in weighting.
  • I really didn't understand the number of issues centered around inappropriate use of email and the internet I would be drawn into in this job. It seems that (now the seamless role of technology) means that when people do something dumb they drag technology in with it.
  • Vendor relations can be one of the most taxing part of this job. Vendors are just people trying to do their job. Sometimes they don't understand that I have a job to do as well. Sometimes that means that we have to tell you no thanks.
For those of you interested in what I am reminding staff of - here is my email from this morning:

I hope the last week of school is going well. Before everyone takes off for the summer I wanted to remind you of a couple of things:
1. Big phone changes this summer: We will be installing a Voice Over IP phone system this summer to improve and expand on the features our phones offer. Every phone in the district will be replaced (traditional phones will no longer work in the district). Some key points:
  • Every staff member will have their own extension, but not necessarily a dedicated phone line.
  • If you do not have a dedicated phone line your direct calls will go directly to voice mail
  • Your voicemail messages will also be delivered to your email inbox
  • There will still be common phone lines (general office/departmental numbers)
2. Staff with laptops - please be diligent over the summer with your care and maintenance of school owned laptops.
  • Keep them secure (use the lock that was provided to lock them down) - especially when traveling
  • Do not leave them in a hot car or in direct sunlight for an extended period of time
  • Do not install software that has not been approved by the building technology staff
3. Classroom printer changes:
  • Classrooms that have 5 or more workstations will have a networked printer
  • Classrooms where special education is taught will be supplied a printer - due to the nature of how IEP's must be printed
  • Labs will continue to have a variety of networked printers
  • Classrooms with less than 5 workstations would not be supplied with a printer.
  • As stated in the district's Acceptable Use Policy, personal printers are not allowed or supported in the district and will be removed from any location in the building (this includes printers individual staff members have purchased, have been purchased by activities, have been donated, etc...)=
  • Classrooms that need printers due to the above requirements will have printers added to them over the summer and all printers that are in classrooms that do not meet the above requirements would be removed. This includes printers that staff members may have bought on your own - please remove any printer you own from the building before summer break - printers that are left behind will be discarded.
There are many other changes happening over the summer and the technology staff will be very busy. Please continue to use the online help desk to record any tech issues that may arise and we will respond to your needs as quickly as possible.
Thanks for a great year and have a relaxing summer!


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