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    • Multiple means of representation to give learners various ways of acquiring information and knowledge

      Multiple means of action and expression to provide learners alternatives for demonstrating what they know, and

      Multiple means of engagement to tap into learners' interests, challenge them appropriately, and motivate them to learn

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    • Universal Design for Learning (UDL), a curriculum designed approach to increase flexibility in teaching and decrease the barriers that frequently limit student access to materials and learning in classrooms
    • Principles of the Universal Design for Learning Framework

      Principle 1:
      To support recognition learning, provide multiple, flexible methods of presentation

      Principle 2:
      To support strategic learning, provide multiple, flexible methods of expression and apprenticeship.

      Principle 3:
      To support affective learning, provide multiple, flexible options for engagement.

      • Network-Appropriate Teaching Methods

        To support diverse recognition networks:
        • Provide multiple examples
        • Highlight critical features
        • Provide multiple media and formats
        • Support background context

        To support diverse strategic networks:
        • Provide flexible models of skilled performance
        • Provide opportunities to practice with supports
        • Provide ongoing, relevant feedback
        • Offer flexible opportunities for demonstrating skill

        To support diverse affective networks:
        • Offer choices of context and tools
        • Offer adjustable levels of challenge
        • Offer choices of learning context
        • Offer choices of rewards
    • UDL Teaching Method
    • Visit the CAST web site. The CAST web site devotes a large section to Universal Design for Learning. Here visitors will find an articulation of UDL, discussions of its core concepts, descriptions of UDL research projects, a listing of tools and resources that support UDL, and ideas and examples for implementing UDL.
    • Inventory and build technology support. Technology, in particular digital media, makes UDL implementation practical and achievable in a diverse classroom. Digital materials make it possible for the same material to be flexibly presented and accessedeven adapted on a student-to-student basis.
    • (a) Set Goals, (b) Analyze Status, (c) Apply UDL, and (d) Teach the UDL Lesson.

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