Monday, December 01, 2008

Better Google Searches

Thanks to Scott Weidig for getting me looking into this more!

Happy Cyber Monday!
I recently ran across a couple of resources to help your searching power when using Google. These tips will help you find better information faster!
I also found a handout to keep handy or to share with colleagues or students.
The best tip I have learned recently is to type in the answer instead of the question.
You want to know how tall Mt. Everest is.
Don't type in "How tall is Mt. Everest?"
Do Type "Mt. Everest is * tall"
The "*" acts as a wildcard and Google looks for the missing information.
There are a lot of other great ways to search better and the resources below will help you out.
Here is how to use Google to find information you never knew you could:
These two videos are helpful as well.
Also check these Google pages for more tips:

Happy Searching!