Thursday, December 18, 2008

Enough Already with Duncan - Educate Yourself!

This blog post is not meant to be cry of rallying support for Arne Duncan. It is meant to be an educational primer on who he is.

I put this together because I can no longer see respected people (people that I respect) put together blogs posts like these, that do nothing to help their readers, yet put out an opinion for others to follow:

At least some are giving "Equal Time"

Since others are not willing to do what we require (or inspire) our students to do - here goes:

Basic Research on Arne Duncan

Here is the CPS site for Mr. Duncan where you can actually see that he does have experience running a school district, even if he isn't a teacher. He also lists his email address. So if you have a concern or a question ask him.

Here is the link to the Catalyst Chicago article on Mr. Duncan. In case you are not aware, "Catalyst Chicago is an independent newsmagazine created in 1990 to document, analyze and support school-improvement efforts in the Chicago Public Schools."

If you go to and search for "Duncan" you will get back a lot of information regarding Duncan, his policies, and what he has (or has not) gotten done.

You might also try this at the Chicago Tribune or The Suntimes - both of which are not as Educentric.

Or even give Time or Edutopia (the Edutopia article also links to this video of an interview with him from 2007). Try this video on YouTube as well - listen to him speak, look him in the eyes, hear his views and his story.

Please do your research and don't just assume that because a Bush Aide or Secretary Spellings think that Arne Duncan is a good fit doesn't mean that he is not.

If people that typically oppose you supporting you is a bad thing then Obama is doomed to fail. Even Palin said "I'm proud of Barack Obama. I pray for him, his family, the new administration. I look forward to the good things that are in store for this nation." Get ready to move to Canada because Palin said something good about Obama...give me a break.

Take your time, learn, research, then form an opinion. I haven't made one yet regarding Duncan. However, I know many people have without doing their research.


CB said...

I'm in a similar camp, withholding judgment until I learn and see more. My Diigo bookmarks tagged Duncan will surely grow over the coming weeks.

If nothing else, the window is at least opening to more open debate about all the policies thrust upon education in the last 8 years.