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Sony UX

I have spent my last week with a Sony-UX as the only PC I have used.   I got the tablet features working it is much better on Vista.  The tablet interface eliminates the keyboard in most cases.   I think all of you will be impressed.  I can't imagine how awesome this would be with a wireless projector! It has easily made me one of the most popular people at  the Ice conference! Here is a link to the product 

Illinois DOPA

Just in case you hadn't seen the actual wording. .. my $.02 - doesn't define a social networking site - looks like it leaves it up to the "State Librarian" to determine this...  In case you were wondering her name is Anne Craig and here is some info on her She seems to be quite accomplished. Including being named librarian of the year.  I still question giving this decision to one person.

Nick Version of YouTube

looks like web 2.0 is coming to a 7 year old near you!