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Hall Davidson - Cellphones in Schools

Kinda live blogging Hall's presentation - trying to "catch the gist" "High School Girls Can do More with a Phone in a Bag than you can Ever Imagine" Parents are going to start requiring that their kids carry cellphones in schools because parents want to track monitor stalk tether etc... their kids Schools are losing the debate about whether or not a kid can carry a cellphone Cellphones are turning over quickly and they are changing. Nokia is largest manufacturer of digital cameras and media players US is 3-4 years behind the tech world in cellphone use Third world countries use cellphones - even Cuba The Taliban forbids cellphones and so does a High School near you. Hall demonstrates a live video feed from Qik with the help of Steve Dembo Ideas Send in lesson plans via video Announcements - video messages that anyone can see Pre and post assignments with your kids Cellphones will all have video soon. We should start thinking about how we will use this in educat