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The Power of Immediate Feedback

Most of us know the power that immediate feedback offers students. If in doubt, check out McREL's materials on Classroom Instruction that Works . However, offering this is often difficult to do in our classrooms. We have turned to "clickers" and quick forms to provide feedback, but in the last 24 hours I have found another tool for our Feedback toolbox: Self Grading/Scoring/Reporting Quiz Using Google Forms and Spreadsheets Through Matthew Peskay in  the Google Certified Trainer's group I came across an example of a Self Grading/Scoring/Reporting Quiz. Where he posted: To see an example of the solution we're using now you can watch this YouTube  tutorial we made for our staff.  To make things as easy as possible we  actually published a form template with the script already installed so the  staff member just needs to add the trigger (shown in the video).  Near the  end of the video are some examples of the e-mails the student receives with  the 'expla