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doccamsined » home This wiki was originally created to support a workshop at the Laguna Beach Unified School district using an AVerMedia AVerVision300AF+ document camera. tags: documentcamera , wiki , camera , document , doccamsined

Live Blog AZTEA keynote Tim Tyson

Live Blogged-please forgive mistakes or typos Making our way through dignitaries. Arizona Superintendent of Schools sees laptops in the hands of every kid in the coming years. However, he says that he never sees paper books going away. Tim Tyson - former principal of Mabry Middle School He is using Screenflow for Mac to record the presentation (Camtasia for Macs) Discussing his new presentation style based on web 2.0 tools. Starting with a demo of Poll Everywhere which allows you poll the audience via text. It gives real time reporting of answers. Audience pretty impressed by the technology. Reviewing history of changing education printing press, telegraph, audio recording, video recording, broadcasting. we are now going through a new shift thanks to the internet. we have instant global engagement. Media used to be controlled. Controlled for content, quality, and financial gain. Down smart mobs benefit from the knowledge of the whole. mentions this post The internet is lik

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Podcasting Guide | PoducateMe So, how can you bring the benefits of podcasting to your students? PoducateMe features a comprehensive podcasting guide that reveals exactly how it’s done. The entire PoducateMe Podcasting Guide can be read online and free of charge. tags: podcasting , podcast , education , howto , podcasts Free online media file conversion (Document, Images, Audio, Video & Archives) Free! Convert any media file format (Documents, Images, Audio, Video & Archives) without buying or installing anything on your PC tags: converter , tools , convert , utilities , file , conversion