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How Many Jobs

This is in response to Doug Johnson's post  which examines how many jobs someone has between 18 and 38. Since I just crossed the plateau I thought I would make my list. If you count just the ones I was paid for I easily make the 10 . Nursery Assistant - Platt Hill Nursery - helped with trees, shrubs, and compost (a theme that continues) Lab Assistant - Earth Science Department at Concordia University Sales - local teacher store Teacher - Conant High School Science Teacher Band Director Coach Activities Sponsor (graduate student  Roosevelt University) Private Music Lesson Teacher - local music store Director of Youth Ministry - Holy Cross Lutheran Church Consultant - Riverside Publishing Technology Coordinator - Conant High School (doctoral student - Roosevelt University) Educational Consultant - self-employed Adjunct Professor - Roosevelt University Curriculum designer - several colleges Chief Technology Officer - Maine 207 SET Connections President (volunt