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Google Apps for Education - Safety and Security

Recently we had a question come across the Google Apps User Group message board about GAFE security and privacy. Here is the list of questions: 1.) Does Google meet HIPPA compliance? 2.) Does Google meet FERPA compliance? 3.) Is an additional encryption tool need for Google email? 4.) If we put children's names and other demographic information on the calendars, is it secure? 5.) If we decide to use the forms and data collection functions of Google, is it secure? 6.) Is there any documentation to support that Google Apps are secure? The first links to visit are: I also have a presentation that goes through many of these:   Although I am not a lawyer, here are my direct answers to these questions: 1.) Does Google meet HIPPA compliance? - Most schools are not subject to HIPPA guidelines, these records a

What We Know to be True About Best Instructional Practices

A group of us have been reading up on best practices in instruction based on research and have been looking for common themes and/or terminology. At the same time we have been investigating how those fit into the Danielson framework . Based on that research I have been trying to cross reference all of it to come up with a common statement that describes the best practices and philosophies that will help to lay groundwork for each domain. Here is what I have so far: _______________________________________________ Planning and Preparation Developing clear intentional goals that are designed through understanding data that leads to action Classroom Environment A cooperative and collaborative learning community that is focused on objectives, feedback, and effort. Professional Responsibilities Shared leadership that uses care, reflection, and best practices to advance each member of the learning community. Instruction Challenging, engaging, and per

Enhancing Technology Proposals

Over the past couple of years we have "tightened our belts" across the district. The technology budget and plan is dedicated to maintaining current technology. Yet we still want to encourage our teachers to create and enhance instruction with technology - especially using best practices.  To encourage this we have begun a process called "Enhancing Technology Proposals" (here is the template for the requests: ). The goal of this is to allow teachers to propose innovate ways to use technology in an action research format. This will accomplish a few things: There has to be some investment in the plan behind the instructional change The focus is on instruction and research We should learn from data gathered from the project  With limited funding this should help us find the best ideas that are prepared to impact instruction. Here is the email that went out today to department chairs to begin the process: There have been several reque