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Google Spreadsheets - What you really need to know

I have been working on the next presentation in my  Technology Learning for Leaders Series and this session focuses on Google Forms and Sheets to Power Up Data In my preparation for this session I made five documents that I am quite please with how they turned out. My goal was everything someone would need to know to really work with spreadsheets and data in schools, from basic to advanced, to make sense of data (short of Google Scripts). Here are the initial documents Basic Spreadsheet Terminology Basic Google Spreadsheet Formulas Everyone Will Want Know Text Google Spreadsheet Formulas Everyone Will Want Know Intermediate Google Spreadsheet Formulas Everyone Should Want Know Advanced Google Spreadsheet Formulas Someone Might Want to Know I am sure these will grow over time. Let me know if you think I should add anything in the comments. Hank 

Personalization starts with Person

 For Tech&Learning's Newsletter 10/8/2013 I continue to hear a lot about personalization in education and what that ultimately looks like in our classrooms. It is strange how ideas can mean such different things to different people (just watch how two separate news channels cover the same story to see a demonstration). However, personalization to me is pretty simple: it starts just as the word does, with “person.” So often we are looking for that magic piece of data to describe a student, or some rating to categorize a teacher, that we forget that each person is a unique individual. We have to learn to trust that people know more about themselves than we can ever distill from an assessment. We need to hear each person’s perspective and listen to his stories. Take the time to walk across the hall, chat up a student, start a conversation with someone new. You might find a person there waiting to be discovered. Image From: