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The power of integration

A couple of weeks ago I took a look at our district's twitter feed and it said that "school would be closed today". That was a post put up 2 weeks before because of a snow day. Our facebook page had the same news. If I was still in school I would have totally shown that to my parents to stay home. It got me thinking about what would be the best information to post to our social network sites in a timely fashion. I ended up with events because we have stuff going on across the district all the time, which could provide a steady stream of status updates and tweets. The problem is: "how do you get this stuff posted without handing out login credentials to everyone?" So this is what I came up with to solve the problem: Google Form To Google Spreadsheet To Google Calendar Via Google Script To Gmail Via Google Calendar Reminders To Facebook Via Gmail Filters and Forwarding To Twitter Via Facebook It actually works and now we just have to provide access to a Google fo