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Post 04/29/2008

Feed Your Twitter Curiosity - 25 Unmissable Posts On Twitter There are hundreds of articles on Twitter all over the web, so I am not going to waste your time or mine on how to use twitter or the importance of it. All I can say is Twitter is the best thing that has been around in terms of marketing and networking. At the end of this post, I have compiled some of the best guides and posts for you on Twitter. tags: twitter , unmissable Games in Education Games in Education video created by Mark Wagner and Michael Guerena of the Orange County (CA) Department of Education's Educational Technology group. Nice overview of the issues and has the proper experts involved in the discussion. tags: games , videogames , education , learning

David Thornburg 4/25 Presentation Follow-up

Some Technologies Referenced by David Thornburg Cisco’s Telepresence Jeff Han’s Multi Touch Display www. ted .com/index.php/speakers/view/id/65 Johnny Lee – Wii Hack Some others that he didn’t show that are way cool: Photosynth: Robots that are self aware: If you want to go back in the time machine – here is a similar presentation to David’s by Nicholas Negroponte done in 1984 about what technologies would be coming. Some people thought he was off base then – and a lot of this came true. With a lot of technology – it isn’t if – it is when… As Dr. Thornburg said – “It is creativity that is holding us back, not technology”

Roundtable Discussion with David Thornburg and Chris Dede

Last Friday, after the district institute, we had a round table discussion with Chris Dede and David Thornburg. Here are the highlights: Topics Discussed in the Roundtable Discussion: Games and Education: There can be real power in the engagement level of kids playing games. However, the transition from using them as a form of entertainment to that of an instructional tool has not been successful. Referenced several projects: River City: NASA’s MMO Proposal: Lucas Learning: Additional Resources: Gaming helps students hone 21st-century skills: Video – Video Games in Education Marc Prensky Videogame & Education References: Cell

Reflection Interface

Trip My Presentation

I was trying something new with VoiceThread (well new to me anyway). I tried to uploaded my presentation on increasing student achievement through online communication. I was hoping my PLN might be interesting in viewing it and providing some feedback. For some reason I can't get this presentation to work on VT. I have the piece of it up that discusses student journaling . So instead, embedded here is my presentation with my voice comments over the top. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. A pdf of the presentation is posted as well.

Post 04/22/2008

- Animoto: Education - If you are interested, we'd like to give you a "Classroom Code" that'll give each of your students a free All-Access pass (unlimited full-length videos for a whole year) upon signing up with this code. And you can use Animoto with your students however you wish. Keep in mind that videos can be viewed full-screen for classroom presentations. tags: animoto , web2.0 , mashup

Skills need to move past content - in our dealings with parents

Today I was lucky enough to sit in on a presentation by Will Richardson speak to a mixed group of administrators, teachers, and technology coordinators. While most people were ohhing, ahhing , and blown away by the web 2.0 tools I was left thinking about something else. His opening monologue made a great case for why we need to change how we do things in schools. He focused on a lot of ideas - but one that has been stuck in my mind is content. Why are we so worried about content with our kids - they can get information for free now. It is what they do with it that is important. I agree with Will - we are stuck on content. Education cannot break free from the need to teach "just-in-case" information. Shouldn't we be more focused on what to do with that information? This is an important concept...but it isn't where my thoughts stopped... I started blending what he was saying in my mind with my last post. I focused in on the fact that there is a big deal being ma

Parenting 2.0 is really 1.0 - faster

Sometimes serendipity is not so serendipitous. Yesterday I received the new T.H.E Journal and the cover story is "The Power of Parenting 2.0". Lately I have been working on focusing my thoughts on the power of parent communication and collaboration through online content. So when I saw the cover I was really excited. I figured I would have some great new groundbreaking insights to digest. Nope. It wasn't until I read the article and looked closer at the sub line on the cover that I realized my mistake. The focus of the article is on Notification tools and SIS systems and the power of informing parents about grades, attendance, discipline and other issues. They did this in February as well in another article . I get what they are getting at. There is great power about informing parents about problems and successes as they happen. It is similar to the differences between formative and summative assessment. Reinforce or change when the time is right. My problem isn

Why I Love My Kids

I usually don't post about personal stuff on my blog - but I couldn't resist. My kids are so much like me it is nuts! Henry Doing His Awesome Wall E Impression Maria Just Being Nuts - Sing Along! Felt the need to share. After all - I am a Dad first and a Geek second.

Post 04/08/2008

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Meme: Passion Quilt

You are here to do things no one else can do - let your actions shine through and show the world what you have to offer - open the eyes of those around you with the greatness inside of you Scott Weidig tagged me for a Passion Quilt - which began with Robin Ellis' post. Nothing derives more joy from me than seeing something of greatness emerge from within an individual. A connection, new thought, discovery, or determination are all great things in my eyes. When we empower people, especially kids, to let these glimmers of greatness shine upon the world we have helped to release a light that can illuminate our world. My passion is helping people to shine. I am tagging these people to add to the quilt: Mark Ordonez Charlene Chausis Scott Meech Carol Broos Mike Cannizzo