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ISTE 2010 - 5 Developing Themes

I have been attending ISTE and it's pre-sessions since Saturday. Over that time I have attended edubloggercon, the Constructivist Consortium, the opening events, and a day worth of ISTE10. Over the past couple of days I have begun to see some common themes developing in the conference based on by interactions (probably influenced by my experiences heading into the conference as well). Here are the top themes I have noticed so far: 1. It has been a rough year: between budget cuts, leadership challenges, and the increasing responsibilities associated with technology in schools everyone was mentally exhausted heading into the conference. Excitement about changing practices and adding resources to schools has been tempered by budget concerns. 2. We are have some pretty big decisions looming on how we are going to handle an influx of personal mobile computing devices into our society. With the ipad, new iphone, android devices in both phone and tablet forms arriving, and the continue gr

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West Point Bridge Design Contest Welcome to the 2010 West Point Bridge Design Contest HOW TO ENTER  Welcome to the 2010 West Point Bridge Design ContestHOW TO ENTER      Download and install the West Point Bridge Designer 2010 software.   Use the software to design and test a virtual bridge.   Register your team.   Log in and submit as many designs as you like.It's absolutely FREE!  Who: U.S. students age 13 through grade 12 are eligible for prizes. Anyone else may enter our Open Competition. More about eligibility... When: The 2010 contest began on January 28, 2010, and the Qualifying Round ended on March 5. You can still submit designs, but they won't be eligible for national prizes. More about the contest schedule...Prizes: Each member of the first-place team earns a $5,000 scholarship. Each finalist wins a notebook computer. More about prizes...     Download and install the West Point Bridge Designer 2010 software.   Use the software to design and test a virtual bridge.  

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Google Apps update alerts: Multi-domain management now available in Google Apps Google management update is fianally here tags : google , update , GAFE Google Apps administrators can now manage multiple domains from one control panel in Google Apps. Users from different domains preserve their original email address, but all users are on the organization's global address list, and calendars, docs and sites can be shared throughout the entire organization. Posted from Diigo . The rest of my favorite links are here.

Essential Classroom Technologies

A question I have been asked several times over the past few months is what are the essential pieces of technology that have to be in a classroom to foster 21st century teaching and learning. With the ISTE conference coming up, and thousands of sales people reaching out for our limited technology dollars, what should we be focusing on purchasing? I am not a big believer that just adding technology changes instruction, but even the best craftsman likes a good set of tools. Here are my most important classroom technologies: 1. A computing device with reliable, fast, and open access (only filtering what CIPA requires) to the Internet. Even one of these devices in a classroom opens the world’s information and people to our students. 2. A projection device that is visible to all students in the room. This allows all of the students in the classroom to take advantage of the information on the computer at one time. 3. A Good set of speakers. This is an item that is often overlooked. Sound is

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Google - public data Datasets World Development Indicators (subset)World BankOECD Factbook 2009 (subset)OECD Factbook 2009Unemployment in Europe (monthly)EurostatHarmonized Index of Consumer Prices in EuropeEurostatMinimum Wage in EuropeEurostatBroadband penetration in EuropeEurostatGovernment Debt in EuropeEurostatRoad transport in EuropeEurostatUnemployment in the U.S.U.S. Bureau of Labor StatisticsGDP and Personal Income of the U.S. (annual)U.S. Bureau of Economic AnalysisGDP breakdown of the U.S. (quarterly)U.S. Bureau of Economic AnalysisRetail Sales in the U.S.U.S. Census BureauPopulation in the U.S.US Census BureauSexually Transmitted Diseases in the U.S.NCHHSTP powered by CDC WONDERMortality in the U.S.NCHS, OAE powered by CDC WONDERCancer cases in the U.S.CDC, NCI and NAACCR powered by CDC WONDERWorld Resources Institute, CAIT-U.S. 4.0World Resources Institute, CAIT-U.S. 4.0Education Statistics of CaliforniaCalifornia Department of Education tags : visualization , data , googl

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Western Digital Leapfrogs Seagate in HDD Shipments | Maximum PC tags : no_tag from Western Digital have zi Posted from Diigo . The rest of my favorite links are here.

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See how much you could save with Google Apps at your company - Google Apps for business google TCO tags : no_tag Soundation Create music on the web. Whether you are an amateur or a pro you will be able to satisfy all your needs with Soundation Studio — a powerful online sequencer with 11 real time effects, 3 synthesizers, a drum machine and a fully integrated Sound Shop tags : music , editor , audio , tools , sound , web2.0 Posted from Diigo . The rest of my favorite links are here.