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Google+ for K-12 Edu is Now Available

Google announced yesterday that Google Plus (Google+) is now available for edu domains. The announcement I received said: Today, November 15th, we announced that Google+ is available to be enabled as an additional service for all Google Apps for Education domains, including K12 (primary/secondary).   By default Google+ is set to off for all EDU domains. You can enable Google+ for all or some of your organizational units by following the instructions in our Google Help Center article on how to turn on/off services . Please review important considerations before enabling Google+ in our Google Help Center. Please note that as Google+ is an additional service (like Blogger and Reader) it is not subject to the same terms and conditions as core services such as Gmail and Google Drive. Please review the Google Apps for Education Agreement which includes a link to the Additional Terms for Use of Additional Services . This is  great news but with it came a bunch of questions. Here a

Midwest Google Apps Summit 2012

Looks like we are ready to go for the Midwest Google Apps Summit for 2012. The response for the event has been incredible and I am excited for 3 days of learning. I have all of my materials put together (although I will add and tweak leading up to the presentation). I cant wait to see everyone there!

Google Scripts - Bulldozer Update

In preparing for the Midwest Google Apps Summit we have updated our bulldozer script - you can get it here . I also put this slide deck together: