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Interesting Finds This Week (weekly)

10 Open Education Resources You May Not Know About (But Should) | MindShift  here’s a list of 10 cool OER and OCW resources that you might not know about, but should know: tags: education resources opencourseware OER Posted from Diigo . The rest of my favorite links are here .

Maine 207 Summer Learning Academies

Last summer we successfully launched our Maine Summer Institutes with just a few courses in cooperative learning and problem-based learning.These programs were very successful which has motivated us to expand our course offerings and repackage our summer program under the title,  "Maine 207 Summer Professional Learning Academies."  Throughout the summer, beginning with the week of June 13th, we are offering a variety of different workshops on these topics: Differentiated Instruction,  Cooperative Learning (Johnson and Johnson model), Problem-Based Learning (IMSA model), Data Driven Decision Making, Literacy and the Common Core Standards through the lens of one's discipline, Google Apps in the Collaborative Classroom, Google Certified Apps for Education Trainer Preparation Program, and Co-Teaching for Success. As was true last summer, we are making these courses available to all teachers, no matter what district they are from. Out of district teachers will be required to

Interesting Finds This Week (weekly)

8 - Hoover_Final.doc - Powered by Google Docs The First Amendment Implications of Facebook, MySpace, and Other Online Activity in Public High Schools tags: policy social media Posted from Diigo . The rest of my favorite links are here .

Social Media and Student Devices: Developing Guidelines

I am presenting tomorrow at TechForum Chicago on Social Media and Student Devices: Developing Guidelines We recently approved a new Acceptable Use Policy , which looks similar to the one from a few years ago. I believe this is a strong legal document, which we follow up with an email to students and staff that gives short highlights of what they should consider when following the AUP. You can read an example from the past and another in the coming weeks when I send out the updated version. We also strengthened our website policy to include guidelines and requirements when using social media. In my opinion the most important lines in all of these documents is referring to disciplining "actions that cause a disruption in the educational process". These are the types of actions, when appropriately documented are held up in court . We are in the process of getting a mobile phone policy approved, which we are piloting now , and I will post that policy after Board of Education

Interesting Finds This Week (weekly)

Update Feeds - What's New in Google Apps We know you don't want to miss any of the latest news about Google Apps, so we've consolidated key Google Apps blogs and Twitter feeds here. Make sure to check them regularly. Or, better yet, subscribe to these feeds to receive updates right to your door via email or RSS feed! To subscribe to a blog feed, just click its title just below the tab, and then choose your subscription under Subscribe Now. tags: google schools update Schools Using Google in Illinois - Google Maps tags: google schools How to Easily Remove Duplicate Tracks on iTunes [Windows] a free piece of software called Duplicate Music File Finder. T