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My Bookmarks and Annotations 10/31/2009

Little Pearls - "tiny films" that open hearts and minds Little Pearls are “tiny films” that open hearts and minds, inspiring authentic connection and compassionate action on behalf of all living beings. Created by the media non-profit Little Pearls, these beautiful films are gifts of the heart – for you and for the world. MISSION AND VISION tags : hero , storytelling The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness: A True Story (9781565122901): Joel Ben Izzy: Books "First-time author ben Izzy's vocation as a professional storyteller may fill his life with heady myth and poetry, but as he acknowledges early on in this slim but memorable recollection of personal tragedy, "the absence of magic" in his childhood is the very thing "that sent me looking for it." He found it in the unlikeliest and most cruelly ironic way. After undergoing surgery to remove thyroid cancer, ben Izzy lost his voice-the instrument of not only his art, but also hi

My Bookmarks and Annotations 10/24/2009

Will at Work Learning: People remember 10%, 20%...Oh Really? Debunks the myth of the 10,20,30.... percent learning rules tags : research , myth , pedagogy , instruction , learning , education , teaching , instructionaldesign Posted from Diigo . The rest of my favorite links are here.

My Bookmarks and Annotations 10/17/2009

Springshare LibGuides - Web 2.0 for Library 2.0 LibGuides is the amazingly popular, easy to use, web 2.0 content management and library knowledge sharing system. Libraries use it to create attractive multimedia content, share knowledge and information, and promote library resources to the community. Academic, Public, Special, and School Libraries find LibGuides an ideal solution for subject guides, information portals, course guides, community guides, research help, faculty/teacher support, etc. tags : library2.0 , web2.0 , libguides , libraries , guides , tools , information_literacy , Library Henry (2) - Google Wave tags : no_tag Henry Thiele Posted from Diigo . The rest of my favorite links are here.

My Bookmarks and Annotations 10/10/2009

$10 billion takes fiber to every school, hospital in the US - Ars Technica $10 billion takes fiber to every school, hospital in the US The US has more than 120,000 schools, hospitals, and libraries, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation believes that they can all have fiber optic Internet for $5 billion-$10 billion. tags : internet , broadband , connectivity 20 Year Archive on Google Groups "20 Year Usenet Timeline Google has fully integrated the past 20 years of Usenet archives into Google Groups, which now offers access to more than 800 million messages dating back to 1981. This is by far the most complete collection of Usenet articles ever assembled and a fascinating first-hand historical account. We compiled some especially memorable articles and threads in the timeline below. For example, read Tim Berners-Lee's announcement of what became the World Wide Web or Linus Torvalds' post about his "pet project". You can find more in-depth information about the

My Bookmarks and Annotations 10/09/2009

The myth of the page fold: evidence from user testing | cxpartners tags : usability , fold , webdesign , design , page fold What Visualization Tool/Software Should You Use? – Getting Started | FlowingData re you looking to get into data visualization, but don't quite know where to begin? With all of the available tools to help you visualize data, it can be confusing where to start. The good news is, well, that there are a lot of (free) available tools out there to help you get started. It's just a matter of deciding which one suits you best. This is a guide to help you figure that out. tags : visualization , visualisation , flowingdata , tools , visualizing , infographics Posted from Diigo . The rest of my favorite links are here.

William Kamkwamba "The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind"

I have been following William Kamkwamba's blog for about a year now and I received his book " The Boy that Harnessed the Wind " on Monday (finished it Tuesday). It was a fabulous read and helped put into perspective 3 main things: I am so blessed to have been provided the resources that I have been given for my entire life - I have really had it pretty easy. The problems I face on a daily basis can be difficult, but I am blessed that those are my only challenges. Overall, I (and the people around me) are pretty wasteful with our resources and our abilities. For those of you that don't know William's story you can see him speak about it here at TED from July of 2009. He also appeared with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show last night. I have embedded it below and William talks about it himself here . My favorite part is the exchange between Stewart and William about him preparing to take his SAT's (at the 5:50 mark). The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon - Thur

Google Apps Webinar: Final Follow-Up

Here is the follow-up sent out from Google: If you are interested in signing up your school for Google Apps, please visit our website In case you'd like to share this information with others, or re-watch again yourself, please make use of these assets: Recorded webinar Slide presentation Q&A Session Transcript Google Moderator page of questions (with posted answers to questions - click 'View responses' next to question) Case study Thanks for again for joining us - and we look forward to seeing you at future Google Apps Education events. The Google Apps Education Team

My Bookmarks and Annotations 10/08/2009

Visualizing The U.S. Electric Grid : NPR Visualizing The U.S. Electric Grid Grid Map The U.S. electric grid is a complex network of independently owned and operated power plants and transmission lines. Aging infrastructure, combined with a rise in domestic electricity consumption, has forced experts to critically examine the status and health of the nation's electrical systems. tags : visualizing , visualization , powerlines Posted from Diigo . The rest of my favorite links are here.

Google Apps Edu Webinar: Follow Up

Google has posted the webinar on their resource page: It is also available directly from YouTube We have also responded to all of the questions on the moderator page. The focus of this webinar was on how we got up and going with Google Apps. Eventually I will put something together on how our teachers, students, and administrators are using it. Of course you can always contact me with any questions.

Acceptable Use Policy - Yearly Email - 2009 Version

Each year I send out an legal review/acceptable use policy email to all staff. I hope this serves 3 purposes: Informs the staff about responsible technology use Prevents all of use from doing something irresponsible or illegal Provides legal protection for the district if someone does something irresponsible or illegal Before sending this out I have our district administration and the Teacher's Union review the document. Once both the administration and the union say that it is a good email I send it out. Here is what went out this morning: Good Morning, We mention this information each year, but new State and Federal laws and policies are constantly being developed as technology use is growing and changing. Our district also has policies about acceptable use of technology and internet resources. We have put together this email to help better inform you of how all of this relates to your technology use in Maine 207. Our hope is that by informing you of these policies we

My Bookmarks and Annotations 10/01/2009

Tools - Google Translate Make your website instantly available in other languages Add Google's website translator to your webpages, and offer instant access to automatic translation of the pages. Adding the website translator is quick and easy. tags : google , translate , translation , web2.0 , Language , widget , Tool , webdesign Posted from Diigo . The rest of my favorite links are here.