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My Bookmarks and Annotations 01/28/2009

Dipity tags : timeline , web2.0 , tools , collaboration , timelines , history , dipity , social Posted from Diigo . The rest of my favorite links are here.

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Indiana town to give every kid a laptop :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State CHARLESTOWN, Ind. — A southern Indiana city plans to provide laptop computers to all 1,200 high school and middle school students in the community. The One-to-One computer program will be unveiled to parents Monday evening at Charlestown High School. Former Charlestown High booster club president Chris Grayson says the computers will increase job opportunities for students. Greater Clark County schools interim superintendent Travis Haire says the district is still working of financing to lease the laptops, which could cost about $300,000 over four years. In addition to the free laptops, the city about 15 miles northeast of Louisville, Ky., plans to install a number of wireless hot spots and a community computer lab. tags : 1-1 , laptop , suntimes Posted from Diigo . The rest of my favorite links are here.

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YouTube - 207 Parent/Student Portal Demonstration tags : metc_2009 Maine South Geology & Earth Systems Home - Maine South Geology & Earth Systems tags : metc_2009 Swistak's Chemistry Classes tags : swistak , metc_2009 VoiceThread - Group conversations around images, docs, and videos tags : web2.0 , voicethread , metc_2009 Art tags : art , metc_2009 Art Gallery tags : gallery , metc_2009 School CTO/CIO/Directors - A place for school technology decision makers tags : cto_cio_directors , metc_2009 MDubTech - Resources and conversations about technology at your school tags : metc_2009 , mdubtech Maine West Morning Announcements, Ustream.TV: Announcing the events, activities and results at Maine West High. Education tags : ustream , , metc_2009 Posted from Diigo . The rest of my favorite links are here.

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Inauguration Day | Popular Science Satellite photo of the inauguration tags : inauguration Word Cloud Analysis of Obama's Inaugural Speech Compared to Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Lincoln's - ReadWriteWeb Barack Obama was just sworn in as President of the US and though he stumbled in repeating his oath, the speech that followed was delivered flawlessly and was widely praised around the web. (Several readers have told us that it wasn't Obama that stumbled, it was Justice Roberts.) There were quite a few concepts discussed that we suspect haven't been a part of past inaugural speeches. What words were used most often? We ran the full text of the speech through tag cloud generator for one view of the event, and just for the sake of historical context we ran George W. Bush's second inaugural speech through as well. Update: After one reader suggested it, we've also added word clouds from Bill Clinton's second inaugural speech and Reagan's first below. Se

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TinEye Reverse Image Search TinEye a reverse image search engine. You can submit an image to TinEye to find out where it came from, how it is being used, if modified versions of the image exist, or to find higher resolution versions. tags : search , image , searchengine , photography , tools , visual , tineye Posted from Diigo . The rest of my favorite links are here.

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Worcester Telegram & Gazette News "Then I Googled it," he said. Deputy Chief Lozier said that on the Internet search engine site Google there is a street view where people can look at photographs of neighborhoods in many locations. Using the street view, he was able to look back and forth from the intersection. Looking across a field, he said he saw a long building with a red roof that looked like a motel. He then did a search on Google for motels in Natural Bridge and found the Budget Inn-Natural Bridge, which, on a map, appeared to be close to the intersection he was looking at. Not satisfied with that, he then looked at Google's satellite view of the motel and saw it was close to the intersection. "I told Todd if I was going to throw the dice, I'd throw them there," he said. Officer Neale then called state police in Virginia and told them the missing people were likely in the motel. The police found them and placed Ms. Maltais in custody. tags : googl

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Shapeways creates first online market for 3D fabrication models You hear about 3D printing here and there, but for the most part it’s a bit irrelevant to the average person because fabrication is messy, difficult, and prohibitively expensive. Even dedicated DIYers have to get their stuff custom made. Hopefully that will all change with Shapeways, a new service which bills itself as a sort of Etsy for 3D models. tags : shapeways , 3D , 3D_Modeling Photoshop Hack - Photoshop Tutorials, Cheats, and more Hacks! | - The DIY, HOW TO, Hacks, Gadgets, and Tech Blog/Search Engine! tags : Photoshop , tutorials Posted from Diigo . The rest of my favorite links are here.

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gethuman database from Paul English tags : reference , customerservice , gethuman , database , directory , lifehacks Posted from Diigo . The rest of my favorite links are here .