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Who is using Google Apps for Education in Illinois?

I have been gathering a list of educational institutions in Illinois using Google Apps for Education. Here is what I have found: The map and list can all be seen in a larger format here . Please let me know in the comments if your school or district is missing. Illinois Seal Image from:

How to Block Gadgets from Sites in Google Apps for Education

This is a question that comes up quite often when looking at Google Apps for Education: How do I block students from adding gadgets in Sites in Google Apps? The FAQ and Google Code Resources that answer this question makes it seem pretty simple, and it is, once you know the step by step instructions. First of all there are 2 main options of blocking gadgets in sites or on iGoogle pages: Blacklist Gadgets One at a Time:  I would only use this option for a domain that is for staff or adults only where I have a particular person complaining about a specific gadget Blacklist everything and then Whitelist Gagets One at a Time:  I would use this option if you want to protect students from any possible inappropriate gadget Either Option Starts out by creating a simple interface in a Google Site for Whitelisting and Blacklisting. Step 1 : Sign into Google Sites with an account that is an Administrator of Google Apps for Education and create a new site.  Step 2 : Name the site

Do we need to archive student emails?

This is a question that came up in the Illinois Google EDU user's group this morning. Let me start off with the disclaimer that I am not a Lawyer Referencing this from the State of Illinois (where I work): Effective January 1, 2001, the  Local Records Act (50 ILCS 205)  is amended to allow Local Government agencies to reproduce existing public records in a digitized electronic format with the intent to dispose of the original records. This practice is only allowable if the electronic records are reproduced on a "durable medium that accurately and legibly reproduces the original record in all details," and "that does not permit additions, deletions, or changes to the original document images." In addition, the digital records must be "retained in a trustworthy manner so that the records, and the information contained in the records, are accessible and usable for su