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Reflection #2 On Gladwell's Keynote at NECC

Since my last post I have been thinking about Gladwell's comment about the power of Feedback. This is something that I strongly believe that we don't do enough of in our classrooms and schools. The rise of video game playing should show how much human beings like immediate feedback and interaction. People like to interact and get a response. I was on a tour of DC the other day and our tour guide told us something that really struck me: "One of the reasons for The Mall in DC is to provide a space for demonstrations" First of all, what a forward thinking idea, that those that founded the city that is our center of government would not just welcome the voice of its people - it would provide a space for the voices of all. When we look at the current events in Iran we can see how quickly change can be thwarted by stopping demonstrations. By removing a place for people to express their beliefs and ideas. By scaring people from sharing what they need. Think of the powe

Reflections on NECC - Day 1 (or maybe 2)

There was a really mixed response to Gladwell's speech yesterday. Some loved it, others hated it, and some were left with a mediocre feeling. I was left a little disappointed for two reasons: 1. He is such a terrific storyteller in print and that did not translate into his presentation last night. He was not fluid in his presentation and I felt he did not really know his audience. Plus it doesn't help when some of your facts are wrong in front a very educated group of people. 2. He took the most powerful point in the entire presentation and flew right past it. At about the 22 minute mark he mentioned, very quickly, that we have to challenge our students to believe that they have the power to create change in their own life. Then he skipped back over to another story. I don't know if he was pressed for time (he could have got some back by leaving out 4 of the 6 one liners he opened with), but this was a major point that really needs to be brought forward. It is at the he

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Educational Technology and Life » Products This cross-platform Java application has one purpose: to upload multiple documents at once to Google Docs, which is a powerful tool for collaborative learning and collaborative work. The interface allows users to authenticate to their Google Docs account, and then drag and drop multiple documents (or folders full of documents) for upload. The application also provides feedback on upload progress. This application requires that you have the latest version of Java installed. If you find the Google Docs Mass Uploader useful, please consider donating $5.00 to help support the development of this tool. tags : uploader , google , docs , upload , googledocs Posted from Diigo . The rest of my favorite links are here.

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neccunplugged - home Also variously referred to as "NECC 2.0," the NECC "Fringe" Festival, or the NECC "Unconference." NECC Unplugged is held during and as a part of the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC ) June 28th - July 1. It is three days of presentations where anyone can sign up to present, either on-site or virtually, and held on-site in it's own "lounge" area and hosted virtually in Elluminate . Have you always wanted to present at NECC but weren't selected? Or dop you have a topic to present or discuss that wasn't timely when formal presentation applications were due last year, but is so now? If so, sign yourself up! (Special note to presenters representing commercial companies: This is not a venue for direct promotion of your commercial product[s].) tags : necc2009 , necc , neccunplugged , unplugged , necc09 , conference Posted from Diigo . The rest of my favorite links are here.

NSERVE 6/23 Session

Please start your computers and visit: Today's presentation is available from a link of the right side: Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works

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Bookmarks for hthiele on Delicious tags : no_tag Against all odds, Kasch a Maine South graduate :: News :: PIONEER PRESS :: Norridge and Harwood Heights News tags : no_tag Audience members were well mannered at Maine South High School's June 8 graduation ceremonies at Rosemont Theater. School officials asked that they hold their applause until all the graduates received their diplomas, a Posted from Diigo . The rest of my favorite links are here.

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Zoho Notebook tags : no_tag The 21st Century Learning Imperative -- THE Journal Here is a good article on 21st century learning tags : 21st_century , TheJournal In West Virginia, we were one of three states that received full approval with regard to its assessment and accountability system. Our standards, our assessments met the gold standard, so to speak, at the U.S. Department of Education. Posted from Diigo . The rest of my favorite links are here.

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Thymer :: Todo for henrythiele * Simple & Easy Todo and Time management for teams. tags : tasks , project_management Welcome | Teaching Copyright There's a lot of misinformation out there about legal rights and responsibilities in the digital era. This is especially disconcerting when it comes to information being shared with youth. Kids and teens are bombarded with messages from a myriad of sources that using new technology is high-risk behavior. Downloading music is compared to stealing a bicycle — even though many downloads are lawful. Making videos using short clips from other sources is treated as probably illegal — even though many such videos are also lawful. This misinformation is harmful, because it discourages kids and teens from following their natural inclination to be innovative and inquisitive. The innovators, artists and voters of tomorrow need to know that copyright law restricts many activities but also permits many others. And they need to know the positiv

SWID June 9-16, 2009

The last week has really been filled with 3 major tasks. 1. Purchases/Changes for next year - which included Fielding calls about awards for the last RFQ and questions about the current RFQ Settling various contracts including our new data warehouse ( TetraData ), consulting for automating Google account creation ( SADA Systems ) , and stuff related to the RFQ's. I never realized how many contracts you would have to read as a tech director. Working out the details of a SmartMusic pilot in a couple of our Band and Orchestra programs. (Exciting to pretend to be back in the music classroom again!) 2. Continuing the laptop pilot conversation (this will be its ow post soon) 3. Filling out year end evaluations for my staff. The next 5 days are pretty jammed up. Heck, the next month is packed: 6/17 - Teach all day class on Web 2.0 tools for teachers 6/18 - Teach all day class on Web 2.0 tools for administrators 6/19 - Vacation Day :) 6/22 - Meeting (instructional team w/ the new boss)

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21stChronicle082008.pdf (application/pdf Object) "In 2005, West Virginia became the second state in the nation to join the Partnership for 21st Century Skills (“P21”). P21, an advocacy organization that includes members from the business community, education leaders, and policymakers, was developed to “define a powerful vision for 21st century education to ensure every child’s success as citizens and workers in the 21st century” (P21, 2004). Highlighted by four core 21st century student learning outcomes, the unified vision of the Partnership is to develop teaching and learning for the 21st century in order to strengthen education in America. In joining this Partnership, the West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) collaborated with West Virginia leaders from business, government, and education, who committed themselves to systemic change that will prepare the youth of West Virginia to be productive and successful citizens globally, both now and in the future. The WVDE, with g

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Win The World’s Funniest Ed Tech Photos Contest! | ISTE’s NECC09 Blog WE made it on the list of ISTE's funniest photo's tags : necc09 , maine207 YouTube - Sasquatch music festival 2009 - Guy starts dance party Found from Seth's Blog by Seth Godin - "My favorite part happens just before the first minute mark. That's when guy #3 joins the group. Before him, it was just a crazy dancing guy and then maybe one other crazy guy. But it's guy #3 who made it a movement. Initiators are rare indeed, but it's scary to be the leader. Guy #3 is rare too, but it's a lot less scary and just as important. Guy #49 is irrelevant. No bravery points for being part of the mob. We need more guy #3s." tags : leadership , organization , tribes Posted from Diigo . The rest of my favorite links are here.

SWID June 3-9, 2009

It has been a busy week with school coming to a close. Here is where I have spent most of my time over the past week: 1-1 Laptop pilot discussions RFQ 2009-2 Sending out end of the year reminders Helping teachers fix problems in their gradebooks Dealing with some issues around students posting inappropriate material on the web Discussing future tech planning for next year Meetings with our Web Programmers ( regarding current and summer upgrades Discussing RFQ 2009-1 winners with vendors Lessons learned from this week: Deciphering confusion in a teacher's gradebook is a 30-60 minute process. Problems are usually centered around teachers not fully understanding the math in weighting. I really didn't understand the number of issues centered around inappropriate use of email and the internet I would be drawn into in this job. It seems that (now the seamless role of technology) means that when people do something dumb they drag technology in with it. Vendor re

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Top 10 Technology Tips for New Teachers - tags : theapple , Posted from Diigo . The rest of my favorite links are here.

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TEDTalks as of 05.11.09 tags : TED , TEDtalks , list , presentation , Videos , learning , talks Posted from Diigo . The rest of my favorite links are here.

SWID June 1-2, 2009

This is a twofer. There was a board meeting last night so I really didn't have much time to reflect on the day. So over the past 2 days my time has been spent: 1. Preparing documentation for our feedback that will be included in Google's case study of how Maine 207 is using Google Apps for Education. This has been cool chatting with Google about our philosophies and how we see the product improving to meet the needs of schools. A follow up to this was contacting my teachers for examples of the activities they are using with their kids that require Google to get them done. This is a great learning experience for me because I have seen several activities teachers are using, but I have a much broader scope now. 2. Working on the announcement for the winners of our RFQ. You can see the winners here . We got some really good deals. The savings we have here can be leveraged towards other products or be returned to the Education Fund (business managers really like it when you come

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Google Wave Drips With Ambition. A New Communication Platform For A New Web. tags : google , wave , googlewave , Google Wave , web2.0 , ambition Flickr Photo Download: Stages of PLN adoption tags : pln , stages_of_adoption Posted from Diigo . The rest of my favorite links are here.

Technology Budget Planning and Redeployment

Continuing my discussion on technology budgeting... (much of what you read below was taught to me by other people - I take little credit for this wealth of information) One of the concepts that I didn't fully understand when I moved into technology was budgeting. Now I think I am pretty good at it. Later I will share a tool that I use that allows me to really tweak thing out and test changes in my overall plan before I actually make them. But I am getting ahead of myself. When it comes to technology budget planning I start with one key philosophy: Try to give everyone what exactly they will need for the next 3 years today. Here are the fine points of that statement: What they need may not be what they want What they need may not exist today Needs always change You can't do this on your own You cannot accomplish this goal So how do you achieve an impossible task? You don't. You just do your best to come as close as possible. So, you have to start with communication. Talk