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Understanding the Superintendency - The District’s Symbiotic Relationship with the Taxpayer

In our District the majority for school funding comes from local property taxes . This fact creates a natural symbiotic relationship between property owners and schools. The top factor that influences home values in our state is the quality of local schools. On some level, this is one of the reasons why people support their local schools and want them to succeed - the result is higher property values. Schools have a responsibility in this symbiotic relationship to help raise the value of their community’s property. One way to do this (the way tied closest to our mission) is by doing a great job: helping students to be successful, creating opportunities for a positive learning experience, and connecting students to their community so they want to come back here to live (and hopefully buy a home). Another key method is by sharing the success of our students and promoting both our schools and communities in the process. A way we help facilitate this each year is by meeting with local re