Summer is the Time to Grow - By Using a Rubber Duck

Almost everyone is done for the summer, or soon will be, and I believe this is your best time to grow through reflection because you actually have some time you can dedicate to the process. I have long practiced “Currere” as a method for structured reflection on a project or a school year. Here is a quick way to break down a school year using Currere by asking four simple questions:

  1. What was my experience last year?
  2. What do I want to do next year?
  3. How am I feeling about current abilities and skills?
  4. What is my path forward to a successful year next year?
The trick to taking action on what you learn from reflection is verbalizing what you are going to do next year. Speak your plans out loud and listen to what you are saying. As told in the recent “Rationally Speaking” podcast, you don’t have to explain your plans to anyone but yourself, but you do have to say them out loud - even if you just speak to a rubber duck. You will then help yourself build a better plan. The roadmap to having a great next school year is already inside of you. Now is the time to discover the path through some structured reflection and a little rubber ducking.

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